Thursday, November 12, 2009

How to Get Recruited at WWCC

1) Contact the coach at Western Wyoming (Jeff Atkinson)
E-mail -
Office Phone - 307-382-1878
Fill-out a recruit form at

2) Get seen by the coaching staff in action (either by video or in person)
Videos could be game film or even you just talking about yourself and the chance to see you in action.
Send videos and DVDs to
Coach Jeff Atkinson
2500 College Drive Box 428- G332
Rock Springs WY 82902-0428
Schedule a campus visit and a try-out with Coach Atkinson - see above contact info, you can even schedule an official campus visit at

3) Fill-out all necessary paperwork (realize none of this paperwork obligates you to come to WWCC)
a) Apply for admissions (It is free and does not require you to attend WWCC)

b) Check for additional Financial Aid

c) Complete the FAFSA (this is needed to get any financial aid from any school)

d) Apply for WWCC housing (Again this does not obligate you in any means to the school just starts the process)

4) After seeing you in action (film or in person) and after you have started some of your paperwork the coaching staff will decide to;

a) Offer you a scholarship

b) Ask you to walk-on to the team (no scholarship)

c) Inform you that there will not be a place on the team for you.